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After receiving my qualifications and graduating with a degree in Physiotherapy massage in 1992 from Villeneuve d’Ascq, I began my two-year professional training in 1993 at the British College in Osteopathy and Alternative Therapeutics (B.C.O.A.T) in Paris. 

I continued my training at the Formation Ostéopathique Indépendante (F.O.I.) in France, supervised by teachers from the B.C.O.A.T., by Phil BEACH D.O. and Carolyne STONE D.O. (both teachers at the British School of Osteopathy (B.S.O.) in London), and by French teachers Didier CADOT D.O. and Pierre TRICOT D.O.

From 1996, and concurrently to this training, I trained in my first post graduate position with Jean-Pierre BARRAL D.O. Then, in the USA, I was supervised by Dr.Viola FRYMANN D.O. (a founding member of the American Academy of Osteopathy and the Cranial Academy of Indianapolis), deceased in 2016.

After receiving the certification of my post graduate studies with Dr FRYMANN, Director of the Osteopathic Center for Children (O.C.C.) of San Diego, I practised with her with her, specializing in treating young patients.

With Dr Viola Frymann, Paris

In 1999, I enrolled in my first symposium at the Deutches Osteopathie Kolleg (D.O.K) in Germany. The training was provided both by Philippe DRUELLE D.O. (F-Qc) and by Pr. Jean-Pierre RELIER (pediatrician at the Port Royal Hospital, Paris). 

The same year, I took a post graduate course with Fred MITCHELL D.O., at the Collège d'Etudes Ostéopathiques (C.E.O.) in Montréal.

In 2001, I studied at the D.O.K. to obtain a diploma in Osteopathy (D.O.).

In 2005, with the certificate of fifth year studies, I undertook experimental research, only with female patients, applying osteopathic manipulations to the entire body, and in particular to the gynecological zone, following a well-defined protocol.

The aim of this research was to treat female patients who had been suffering chronically from shoulder pain and reduced mobility, and to investigate whether it would be possible to recuperate their articular mobility to nearly normal physiological standards and decrease or even erase completely their physical pain.

I submitted my thesis, titled « The effect of general osteopathic treatment, in particular in the gynecological sphere, on the articular mobility of the shoulder », to the international jury of the C.E.O of Montreal in 2009, and thus obtained my D.O.

With Nathalie Camirand D.O. and Laurier-Pierre Desjardins D.O., Montréal 

In July of 2008 the French Direction des Affaires Sanitaires et Sociales (D.R.A.S.S.) authorized my use of the professional title of osteopath, and to apply the teachings of my college and post graduate studies.

Beetween 2012 to March of 2020, I regulary took part in humanitarian missions (in osteopathy) in Arequipa, Peru alongside my Canadian colleagues. Through those missions, I have treated, several times per year, a dozen handicapped children in Urubamba, Peru.

With Brigitte, Urubamba

I am a member of RESENDO, a network of those specialized in treating endometriosis, based out of St Joseph Hospital in Paris and led by Dr Erick PETIT, a radiologist expert in endometriosis.

Thanks to my vast experience, I am qualified to receive all patients, men – women - children – infants and elderly alike. In my patients' interests and according to their pathology, it is essential to have a multidisciplinary approach while performing an osteopathic treatment.

I evaluate my patients globally and explain in advance what I will treat and how, and always by gentle manipulations. No cracking is necessary for the correction of vertebrae, contrary to certain beliefs.


− Peter BLAGRAVE D.O. (Uk) 
− Jean Pierre BARRAL D.O. (F) 
− Nathalie CAMIRAND D.O. (Qc) 
− Bernard DARRAILLANS D.O. (F) 
− Philippe DRUELLE D.O. (F-Qc) 
− Geneviève FORGET D.O. ( Qc) 
− Viola FRYMANN D.O. (USA) 
− Michael PATTERSON Ph.D. (USA) 
− Pierre TRICOT D.O. (F)


After practising osteopathy for nearly 25 years, I welcome you with pleasure to my consulting room.


  •  2016 : free student, Dr Michel CLAUZADE, France
    « orthoposturodontie » Dr Miche CLAUZADE, France


  • 2014 : postgraduate course Bernard DARRAILLANS D.O. France 
    « Le Cerveau » Bernard DARRAILLANS D.O. France

  • 2014 : postgraduate course, BOTO 
    « Accompagnement de la femme enceinte », BOTO, France


  • 2013 : postgraduate course, Geneviève FORGET D.O. Germany
    « Chronic fatigue : Diagnostic and methodological treatment using internal medicine of the patient »
    Geneviève FORGET D.O. (Qc)


  • 2013 : postgraduate course, Bernard DARRAILLANS D.O. France  
    « Interpretation, Ostéopathie et Conscience : la méthodologie », Bernard DARRAILLANS D.O., France.  

  • 2013 : 3rd Scientific Days of the Société des Ostéopathes de l'Ouest, Rennes 

  • 2012 : Symposium D.O.K, Germany, Nathalie CAMIRAND D.O.
    « Glandular Dysfunction – Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology » Nathalie CAMIRAND D.O.


  • 2004 : postgraduate course Philippe DRUELLE D.O. San Diego
    « The cranial-cervical junction : Pivotal role in human health » Philippe DRUELLE D.O.

  • 2003 : postgraduate course Peter BLAGRAVE symposium C.E.O.
    « Approche intégrée des ajustements ostéo-articulaire » Peter BLAGRAVE D.O.(UK) Montréal.

  • 2000 : free student, Viola FRYMANN D.O., Pr Yuri MOSKALENKO, Instituto d'Osteopatia Superior Milan
    « Conference on the Brain » Viola FRYMANN D.O. (USA), Pr Yuri MOSKALENKO Russia.

  • 2000 : postgraduate course, Philippe DRUELLE, O.C.C. San Diego
    « Osteopathy in the cranial and visceral fields » Philippe DRUELLED.O.


  • 1999 : “Rotation” 15 jours avec le Dr Viola FRYMANN D.O., San Diego

  • 1999 : postgraduate symposium C.E.O. Montreal, Fred MITCHELL :
    « l'Unité fonctionnelle pulmonaire et cardiaque : diagnostique et méthodes thérapeutiques d'après les techniques du Dr ZINK D.O. » Fred MITCHELL D.O.(USA)  

  • 1999 : postgraduate course Pierre TRICOT, France
    « Diagnostique en ostéopathie tissulaire niveau 2 : méthodes-traitements » Pierre TRICOT D.O. France.


  • 1999 : postgraduate course, Viola FRYMANN, DO. (USA)
    « Intermediate cranial course » Viola FRYMANN, D.O.

  • 1999 : Neonatal Day, invited by Pr Jean-Pierre RELIER, Ecole de Médecine, rue des Saints-Pères, Paris

  • 1999 : postgraduate course, Philippe DRUELLE, symposium D.O.K 
    « Mother and Child before birth » Philippe DRUELLE D.O. (F-Qc) and 
    Pr Jean-Pierre RELIER (Port-Royal Hospital)

  • 1998 : « Rotation » 15 days with Dr Viola FRYMANN D.O. San Diego.

  • 1998 : postgraduate course, Pierre TRICOT,France
    « Diagnostique en ostéopathie tissulaire niveau 1 : méthodes-traitements » Pierre TRICOT, D.O. France

  • 1998 : postgraduate course,Viola FRYMANN D.O. ,Paris
    « Ostéopathie du nourrisson et de l'enfant » Viola FRYMANN D.O., (USA)

  • 1997 : postgraduate course Viola FRYMANN D.O. (USA)
    « Intermediate cranial course » Viola FRYMANN D.O. (USA) 

  • Requirement to complete two « Basic cranial » courses to participate in « Intermediate cranial course »

  • 1997 : postgraduate course, Viola FRYMANN D.O. (USA)
    « Basic cranial course » Viola FRYMANN D.O. (USA)

  • 1996 : postgraduate course,Viola FRYMANN D.O (USA)
    « Basic cranial course »Viola FRYMANN D.O. (USA) 

  • 1996 : postgraduate course Jean-Pierre BARRAL, Collège International d'Ostéopathie

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