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After receiving my qualifications and graduating with a degree in Physiotherapy massage in 1992 from Villeneuve d’Ascq, I began my two-year professional training in 1993 at the British College in Osteopathy and Alternative Therapeutics (B.C.O.A.T) in Paris. I continued my training at the Formation Ostéopathique Indépendante (F.O.I.) in France, supervised by teachers from the B.C.O.A.T., by Phil BEACH D.O. and Carolyne STONE D.O. (both teachers at the British School of Osteopathy (B.S.O.) in London), and by French teachers Didier CADOT D.O. and Pierre TRICOT D.O.


Montreal with Bernard Darraillans 

Alicia Devos

I have been working with Nathalie for a few months for the management of my endometriosis and difficult pain on a daily basis. She gave me a lot of relief, and now I feel less pain. She managed to also decrease the frequency and intensity of my migraine, which had become debilitating despite the tratments. I recommend her to you without hesitation.

Maud Engler

I have been working with Nathalie Lefol for a few months, and the work we have done together is very impressive. I fully recommend her. Thank you, Nathalie, for your precious help.

Jean-Lou Grimm Hecker

Nathalie Lefol has been working with me for many years, spending one hour during each session, and her work is comprehensive, subtle and thorough. I recommend her without hesitation.

Simon H

For a few years now, Nathalie has been taking care of me for various issues (back, neck, legs). The results a few days later are incredible ! Every time I leave the practice, I feel relaxed, and that is very much appreciated. Thank you Nathalie for your professionalism.


Excellent practitioner. Madame Lefol uses extremely effective, soft techniques. I look forward to each of my sessions. We work on several fronts (including endometriosis and migraines) and I see clear improvements in each of them. Thank you for your work and advice, thanks to you I feel better and live better. Go visit her without hesitation.

Anna. B

I have been seeing Nathalie Lefol for nearly two years for the management of my endometriosis and the resulting pain. Nathalie listens to the body and does globalized work at every session. One can immediately feel the benefits of her soft and effective techniques. She takes the time to explain what she is doing and gives valuable advice on managing the disease on a day-to-day basis. Thanks to her care, ma pain has significantly decreased in terms of frequency and intensity. I can only recommend this practitioner. Thank you Nathalie for your high-quality work. 

Louise Beaumais

Mrs. Lefol was able to relieve ma pain in a way no one had been able to before. I have been suffering from endometriosis for years. Ever since i started seeing Mrs. Lefol, i've felt myself coming back to life: less pain, more pleasure. And above all, everything happens gently and with the patient's consent. So thank you!




01 45 32 29 29


195, rue de la Convention

75015 Paris


From €0 to €100

Payment by check or cash

CB not accepted

Beyond 25 minutes late, the treatment will no longer be insured, with some exceptions. It will have to be paid.

Opening hours :

Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

One in two Saturdays  from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Convention Metro

Bus 39-62-80


Entrance not accessible for wheelchairs users

Spoken languages :

French, English and Spanish

Duration of a treatment:

From 45 min to 1h00

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